• CosmoEFT: Calculating 1 & 2-loop IR-safe power spectra for realistic cosmologies. (c++) Hosted here

    • Uses Copter to map from transfer function + cosmology to linear powerspectrum.

    • Uses the Monte-Carlo integration library CUBA.

    • Originally developed in a project with Daniel Green, Simon Forman, and Leonardo Senatore towards precision EFTofLSS predictions at two-loops. Updated later to expand around Planck Best-fit Cosmology by M. Cataneo and S. Forman for this paper. Currently maintained by M. Cataneo.

  • See also other useful EFT code Leonardo has curated / been involved with: here, esp. towards resumming in the IR.

  • If there’s pedagogic interest, I can upload some early Mathematica code for EFT of LSS at 1-loop including exact time evolution.

  • some other relevant EFTofLSS papers:


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