Meant for a broad audience, giving a “big picture” overview of a thread running through the amplitudes community. Attempts to gently introduce color-kinematics, double-copy, geometric picture, generalizations that let us get to 5-loops maximal supergravity, playful constructions like Z-theory, and applications to classical solutions.

If it were up to me, I might have chosen a slightly different freeze-frame for the video ;-)

Slides posted:

Bonus Mathematica code

Here’s the Mathematica code I used to scrape inSPIRES to build a weighted display of authors who cited a particular paper. Need to have the inSPIRES recid (can read off the url after clicking on the paper).

Ugly hack – might be ameliorated if I could find any docs on inSPIRE’s API.


getAuthorsForPaper[635599]// Sort  (* 2003 Witten's Twistor String paper *)

First few lines of output:

Output for recid=635599 (click to see all of it).